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“The Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree trilogy would make a great addition to anyone’s library… they belong there right next to other great series like “Lord of The Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien or “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini.” – Rebecca’s Reads


“Gold medal winner! Great job! Five stars… Claudia Newcorn has done it again with her final installment of the “Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree” series. In “Firestar, Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree: Scroll 3,” Newcorn stays true to form, and writes yet another book that is both interesting and well thought out. Each and every character is believable to the trilogy’s storyline, and it is not hard to empathize with their individual struggles and life lessons.

“Firestar, Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree: Scroll 3” was another great read. A great book for anyone who enjoys the fiction/fantasy genre and this book, plus its two predecessors, is a wonderful read for young and old alike. Great job! Five stars…” - Charline Ratcliff, RebeccasReads (

“A modern day masterpiece… From the first page, Firestar sweeps you into the story, and it never stops. Having read the prior two books, I wondered if Newcorn could sustain the momentum – and the answer is a resounding yes! Newcorn has created an incredibly believable realm where fairies, dwarves and elves are revealed as complex, passionate individuals faced with disasters and dilemmas allegorical to the struggles of our own world. Impossible to put down, Firestar is an extraordinary adventure and a modern day masterpiece, one that will stay with you long after you close the book.” Kim Cross, Faerie Magazine

“Firestar is by far one of the best books of the year… As complex and enthralling at J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Newcorn’s expertly-woven final installment in the trilogy is a gripping and emotionally-charged tale of sacrifice and war, friendship and betrayal. Chock-full of breathtaking action sequences, gorgeous environments and nail-biting plot twists, this epic finale will definitely get your adrenaline flowing. The dialog and story flow so naturally, it’s very easy to lose track of time and get caught up in the urge to read ‘just one more page’. Newcorn just keeps getting better, and has an extraordinary talent for developing deep and believable characters that continue to resonate long after the story has finished. An unforgettable and poignant journey, Firestar is by far one of the best books of the year, making this trilogy a true masterpiece.”  Nick Pena, President, Transylvania Records & Publishing

“Medal winner! This story has all of the elements of a great fantasy saga. The determination and courage of the Feyree to not submit to their oppressors, even though outnumbered and under-armed, keeps the reader rooting for honorable values such as love and loyalty. I loved how the story started; it felt like I was jumping into a movie battle scene. I also found the prologue very useful since I had not read the previous two books of the series.

I love fantasy stories and take every opportunity to escape day-to-day life by losing myself in them. I really enjoyed reading this book. Newcorn’s writing style took me immediately to her magical world from the narrator’s voice, to the character’s names and personalities. I found “Firestar: Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree: Scroll 3” by Claudia Newcorn to be a fun adventure story which took me away from my reality for a wonderful read, and I highly recommend it to all fantasy lovers Teens and Adults!” - Susan Violante, Reader Views (



“Dark Fire is really, really good. The second in the Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree series, Dark Fire lives up to the tremendous standards that Newcorn set with her groundbreaking first book, Crossover. While many novelists often fall victim to the “sophomore curse,” Newcorn has clearly only gotten better, creating another modern day masterpiece with the same suspense and complexity as Tolkien’s legendary Lord of the Rings.

Intricate plot, unparalleled detail, and superb characterization are expertly woven into a riveting tale of danger and betrayal. Newcorn perfects her recipe with an infusion of action and humor, creating an enthralling book that is truly unique and difficult to put down. Perhaps Newcorn’s greatest strength is her ability to conjure up characters who are so real and so full of depth that they practically jump off the page.

I can’t begin to recommend Dark Fire enough. It now has a permanent place on my bookshelf next to The Hobbit.” - Nick Pena, Editor, Chart Publishing

“Dark Fire thrusts the reader right into the action, and it doesn’t really stop, for even as you close the book after the last page, your mind keeps spurring the story on.

In Dark Fire, we follow our favorite pod of sprytes on the last legs of their journey toward feydom having become fully fledged fey. Danaí, Joson (sigh!) and the gang are all back to complete the Rites. Their former friend Pook has defected to the fiery realm of Nonetre where he leads the fire daemons as their Tvashtar. Dark tidings hover over all of the peaceable glens of Lampion, and as Danaí becomes more involved in the messages and warnings that befall them, she finds herself at greater risk of mortal harm, not least of all from her own Dolmen, high loremaster of Féyree. The interactions between realms become ever more ominous as Pook, convinced he is the bearer of wonderful change for Féyree, makes choices that culminate in a dramatic, unexpected conclusion.

In the tradition of second acts of a trilogy, Dark Fire isn’t afraid to go to some dark places, so expect some unpleasantness. Told as a multiple narrative, Dark Fire shifts primarily between Danaí and Pook, but the story is also told as needed through the aid of their Dwarf and Elf friends. The language and the detailed descriptions greatly add to the novel’s tone, creating a very real sort of land, and very real sort of peoples.

Newcorn spares no expense by way of her considerable imagination, and if you follow her lead, she will take you on quite a journey. I admit I couldn’t put it down. Part adventure, part coming-of-age, part allegory, Dark Fire is an exciting read and a fascinating journey. This reader is greatly looking forward to the final book.” - Mariam George, Faerie Magazine

“The intense and brutal opening of this story grips and compels the reader to keep turning pages. The characters in the Feyree realm and that of the Fire Daemons are well drawn. Soon it becomes obvious all is not what it appears to be. Many of the most intriguing characters seem to be duplicitous. Some pivotal characters discover, to their horror, that trusted allies are instead traitors. Each realm has its own prophecy, and these two seem to be diametrically opposed to each other. So, which prophecy is to be believed? This is a suspense filled action-adventure novel set in a fantasy world. The story is reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The plot twists and turns, not to mention that the magic, treachery, dreams, visions, bonds of intense love and loyalty of the main characters, and heinous betrayal leave the reader breathless.” - Eric Hoffer Book Award – Legacy Fiction (

“I found “Dark Fire” to be a wonderful and entertaining read. Dark Fire is an entertaining story which takes two separate prophecies, two separate dimensions and weaves them seamlessly together into one book which is difficult to set down. The crux of this tale is that when the inhabitants of each dimension believe so strongly in their own prophecy which one of them is to be believed? More importantly, when all is not what it appears to be, who then is to be trusted?

In this second book of the Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree trilogy readers will also witness the coming of age of some of the younger Feyree sprytes. I am sure they will empathize with the young Féyree’s trials and tribulations. They will no doubt mourn with the sprytes over the loss of their friends, their loved ones and even more importantly the loss of their innocent views of their world. Unfortunately these are all hard lessons which must be learned quickly and quite often they find those they trust implicitly are actually traitors hiding within their midst. One can only hope that the players in Newcorn’s final book of the trilogy will have the strength to deal with that which is still to come.

All in all I found Dark Fire to be a wonderful and entertaining read. I can honestly say that I am also anxiously awaiting the publication of Newcorn’s final book in this series. I found her storyline to be compelling and I felt the characters were well thought out and easy to relate to. Newcorn writes with sincere attention to detail but not so much so as to cause boredom by over description. I believe anyone who enjoys reading fantasy or who just enjoys an afternoon or evening spent on the couch with a good book will not be disappointed should they pick this one up to read. I feel that The Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree trilogy would make a great addition to anyone’s library and that they belong there right next to other great series like Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.”  - Charline Ratcliff, RebeccasReads (



Faerie Magazine gives Crossover two thumbs up! Read More.

Writer’s Digest says… “Crossover assumes readers are willing to go on a magnificent journey through this amazingly well drawn fantasy world. The opening scene is vivid and colorful, with enough description for the reader to feel involved from the first line…”

Young Adults are saying…

“Do you know that kind of book that you can’t put down and as soon as you finish it, you want to start over again?! That is the kind of book Crossover is! It is a thrilling, fantastical adventure combining many mythical creatures and different languages that meld into a wonderful read! I recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy!” - Carolyn S., age 12

“Claudia Newcorn is an amazing author. Her words make you feel like you’re seeing, smelling and hearing the same things as the characters. Crossover teaches us a lot of things – but mostly how blurred the line between “good” and “evil” is.”Maggie W., age 13

Crossover is something special and different. It is soooo good – a special kind of book that teaches us that every day we learn something new about ourselves.” - Jennifer Z., age 10

Adults are saying…

I give a resounding “Wow” …  The terrific storytelling in this book has certainly made me a fan… Interesting and unique, this is simply a wonderfully written, action-filled, thoughtful fantasy book.” -

“The engrossing storytelling and great attention to detail put Crossover among the top tier of fantasy books.” - Chart Magazine

“I found it hard to put down…”

“A New Mythology!”

“The real heart and soul of the book are the characters, which are as lifelike and engaging as any you will ever find.”

Read on to find out more about what reviewers & readers have to say:

“I give a resounding “Wow!” for Claudia Newcorn’s new book. This intelligently written adventure story involving old grudges, ambition, love, and other dimensions of existence, also speaks to the difficulties of growing up and making independent decisions.

The tightly written characters and adventures in this volume were engrossing, and although the story can easily be continued in future books, Scroll 1 is complete and satisfying on its own.

Even though I am not a feyree kingdom enthuisast, the terrific storytelling in this book has certainly made me a fan of its author. (The book) will appeal to a variety of ages, and is a good choice for those who think, as I did, that feyree-world stories are generally too fluffy. Interesting and unique, this is simply a wonderfully written, action-filled, thoughtful fantasy book.” - Deb Shunamon, Reader Views (

“I love fantasy, and I found Crossover hard to put down. It’s not just about a fairy getting her wings. It’s really about a seismic cultural shift, much like what’s happening in our own world. Danaí’s quick-thinking and willingness to deviate from traditions is going to become pivotal in this trilogy. She reminds me of Frodo in many ways – the unwilling hero whose choices could change the world. – W. Moss

“With Crossover, Claudia Newcorn has crafted a truly imaginative and breathtaking fantasy realm. Her engrossing storytelling and great attention to detail put Crossover among the top tier of fantasy books, on par with the infamous works of Tolkien.

Her research and well laid groundwork have really paid off, as her fantasy world seems surprisingly realistic. The physics are believable, magic has its rules and limitations and every action has a consequence. She brings much needed rhyme and reason to the otherwise “anything goes” genre of fantasy. Newcorn has even developed a wholly original language system for her characters and fictional world, raising the bar yet another notch.

But the real heart and soul of the book are the characters, which are as lifelike and engaging as any you will ever find. The way the characters interact with each other is so natural and real, it’s easy to forget that they’re only fictional.

Newcorn’s debut novel has set the bar so high that it’s difficult to imagine what levels the forthcoming installments in the series will achieve. ” - Nick Pena, Editor – Chart Magazines

“I couldn’t put it down until the end! I loved it. From the first page I was drawn in, and at every opportunity I picked it up to read more. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. This book should be a big hit with all. It has something for all ages and the child in all of us.” – G. Mellow, The Pilgrimage

“I admit I don’t usually read fantasy books. But Crossover engulfed me from beginning to end. I felt personally involved in the lives of the fairies as they faced dwarves, dragons, and other surprises on their journeys. I can’t wait for the next book.” – P. Walsh

“The author of this wonderful book has captured the whimsical essence of the fairy kingdom. Anyone who loves the world of fairy will love this book, and if you aren’t familiar with the fairy kingdom you will be after reading this. This book makes you feel as if you are right there with the wee folk sharing in their adventures. I couldn’t put the book down; I wanted to know what was going to happen next.” – P.K. Hill, Irenic Herbalist

A New Mythology! Once I got into Crossover, I was ‘hooked.’ The author has created a mythology all her own, but with unspoken allusions to other traditions (such as the Dream Council subtly alluding to Native American coming of age rituals). The vocabulary is great, as are the imaginative plots and adventures. Even the history is convoluted and intriguing, tightly wound into the later happenings. Wow!” - A. O’Sullivan

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