~Firestar adds a third award - first place in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards - for Fantasy fiction!~

~Dark Fire wins Eric Hoffer award for Fantasy fiction!~

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Crossover, Dark Fire & Firestar are available on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Smashwords and other e-readers.  

It’s official – the Feyree Chronicle books have now won 6 awards!

Discover the epic award-winning adventures of the Krisálys Féyree Chronicles that began with Crossover, continued with Dark Fire, and culminate in Firestar

“The Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree trilogy would make a great addition to anyone’s library… they belong there right next to other great series like Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.”- Rebecca’s Reads


Firestar… the surprising conclusion that not even the author anticipated…

FirestarMedals_3 copy2013 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 

2013 Reviewers Choice Award 

2012 The Written Art Awards


What choice will you make if saving your realm demands that you sacrifice yourself?

The stunning and splendid conclusion to this award-winning trilogy! A gripping and unpredictable adventure of war, magic, treachery, and ultimate sacrifice that will entangle the realms of Lampion and Nonetre as two ancient prophecies force feyree, elves, dwarves and the daemiani into a battle of beliefs in which only one realm will survive.

Firestar is by far one of the best books of the year. As complex and enthralling as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Newcorn’s expertly-woven final installment is a gripping and emotionally-charged tale of sacrifice and war, friendship and betrayal. This trilogy is a true masterpiece.” - Nick Pena, Transylvania Publishing & Records


Dark Fire… the saga continues…

DarkFire_2Awards copy 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Award 

2010 The Written Art Awards



What do you do when you know the very survival of your realm is threatened – and nobody will listen?

“A modern day masterpiece…an enthralling book that is truly unique and difficult to put down. I can’t begin to recommend Dark Fire enough.” - Nick Pena, Editor, Chart Publishing. Read more  



Crossover… the saga begins… enter the realm of Feyree that’s like nothing you’ve imagined…

ReadersViewsAward copy2008 copy


2008 Reviewers Choice Award


CrossoverCan you survive the Rites to earn your wings when even your High Loremaster is set against you?

“I give a resounding “Wow!” for Crossover. This is a simply wonderfully written, action-filled, thoughtful fantasy book.”- Deb Shunamon, ReaderViews. Read more


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